5ème étage

The fifth floor is distinguished by rooms in red color nuances. All rooms have their own balcony with different views of Rogaška Slatina (park, forest).

4ème étage

The standard rooms of the fourth floor will pamper you with their pastel-pink colored walls combined with red nuances. All rooms have own balconies with a wonderful view (park, forest).

3ème étage

The rooms on the third floor are painted yellow. Their sunny disposition is diversified by a luxurious view from the balcony onto the forest or park.

2ème étage

These calming, green colored rooms have own balconies with diverse wonderful views (park, forest).

1er étage

The 1st floor rooms painted in complementary colors (blue/yellow) offer a diverse view of Rogaška Slatina (park, forest) from the rooms’ own balconies. The 1st floor rooms are not ground floor rooms. They are accessible by elevator, so any concern about noise or safety is unnecessary.